Rest: No Permission Required

I wrote the poem, “Rest: No Permission Required”, as a reminder of the power of rest. It took my body feeling ill, where I had no choice but to rest, to recognize its importance. After the past year we’ve had, I’ve dedicated 2021 to the year of rest and cultivating that practice.


Rest. Sleep. Eat. Nurture. Love.
These are the words that I tell myself
Ancestral reminders

Allow yourself to breathe

To expand like the universe
unbounded by galaxies
taking up space

Give yourself the freedom your mind yearns for

Where it can roam untethered
and drift like leaves in a babbling creek
bathing in tranquility and serenity

Nourish your spirit

Let joy flow through you
meditate, educate, and create
engaging the divine within

Don’t do too much in the quest for knowledge or paper
to forget that bodies need rest, too…

physical rest

emotional rest

spiritual rest

mental rest

Do yourself a favor and listen
This is the loving kindness you always deserved
Rest is your birthright, child
So what are you waiting for?

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