SJ Musings – Be like the tree

I wrote when I had the chance to spend ample time in nature. I always had an affinity for green spaces since I was a kid and always felt drawn to trees. Going to the park and sitting by some trees is still one of my self-care practices. They seemed so sturdy, beautiful, majestic and wise. It amazes me how trees, such as the Gingko tree, can live to be 1,000 years old! The more I learn about trees, the more I see why the tree is used as a symbol in many religious and faith practices and cultural proverbs.


Be like the tree

I want to be like the tree. When the tree matures, the tree does not just say, “Boom! I am finally a treeand stops growing. It continues to grow and evolve and reshape itself. The tree constantly grows new branches, and weathers through the seasons but is always strong and unwavering. It loses its leaves, shedding ones that no longer serve it and gaining new ones as the seasons go on. 

The tree grows around its surroundings, adapting but also spreading its seeds to continue its legacy, wherever those seeds may go. It is always connected and grounded to our universal Mother and Creator, and provides for living organisms and creatures around it, whether it be shade, nutrients, oxygen and more. The tree is connected to everything, its roots reaching far and wide. I want those tree-like qualities. I want to be just like the tree. Teach me, tree, to be just like you. 

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