SJ Musings – Life is an adventure

My life coach often reminds me to reframe life as an adventure. To look at uncertainty with wonder rather than fear. I love roller coasters so this was a metaphor that has kinda stuck with me. Just like a rollercoaster, life has many twists and turns. Sometimes we think we know how the ride will go and then we are (pleasantly or not so pleasantly) surprised when it’s different from what we had expected. I struggle with anxious behaviors and for years saw life as a wild and scary place. But viewing life as an adventure has allowed me the opportunity to tap into my childlike wonder and embrace the uncertainties of life. It’s still a work in progress though!


Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure, full of twists and turns and ups and downs. Just when you think you are going to crash, just like that, you are saved by the bell. Sometimes you start going backwards but then you end up moving forward in the right direction. It’s scary sometimes and sometimes exhilarating! You’re not always sure where it’ll go. That’s the beauty of it I think. And at the end of the ride, I hope that I lived a life where I enjoyed and could appreciate all the twists and turns, the highs and lows, the points of nausea and dizziness, the butterflies, the exhilaration, the rush of adrenaline, and that feeling of being alive.

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