Welcome to my blog Soulbird Jade!

Hey y’all,

So it’s 2021 and I’ve decided to re-launch my blog, Soulbird Jade, and really get into my writing – for real this time. It took a long time for me to get here. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that I can’t let fear hold me back. I thought I had to be perfect and an expert before I could really share my thoughts and ideas with others, but I now know that isn’t the case. I hope you’ll indulge me as I explain myself. 

Who is this blog for?

I don’t know who this blog is exactly for, but I know that I am writing for myself as well as for others like me. Writing has been my outlet since I was a child. It is how I make sense of the world and express my inner world to others. Writing is my home, my refuge, and my paradise. The stroke of a pen on paper is where my quiet confidence bleeds. For a while, I strayed away from this outlet because of negative internalized experiences. But I was always homesick, craving to get back to it. It took many years of introspection, developing a safe support system, and therapy to get to this point. No longer bound by internal and external expectations, I’ve made my way home. And I’m never leaving.

I hope that this blog speaks to others in some way. There are so many realizations and lessons I’ve learned in the last few years that I wish I knew 5 years, 1 year, or even 6 months ago. If those lessons have helped me, I know it could help others too. So I’ll be sharing my truths, my journey into womanhood and adulthood, of figuring out who I am in this world, and my quest for seeking knowledge and truth – things I think many of us can relate to. I’m deciding to be vulnerable, sharing aspects of myself, not for clout, but in the hopes that it helps someone somehow. As a highly sensitive social worker, I would expect no less.

I know I’m not perfect and I will fumble along the way in the process of building this blog and in life, but that’s how growth happens. Last year showed me that I no longer want to strive for perfection and deny my human nature. I will do my best but I ain’t without fault just like all of us. And that’s okay.

Meaning of Soulbird Jade

I chose Soulbird Jade as the name of my blog for various reasons. Soulbird is a homage to India Arie, one of my favorite artists and role models. Her work and her essence speaks to me on so many levels and her music has healed me too many times to count. When you break the word in two, both have their own significance to me as well. The word “soul” is important because one of my goals of the blog is to capture the journey I believe we are all on: for meaning in life and connecting to our true modes of being. “Bird” signifies freedom, free spiritedness, and boundlessness – aspects in myself that I’ve always had but was afraid to cultivate. Lastly, “jade” is because of the gemstone. Jade is green (my favorite color) and it is described as stimulating creativity and mental agility on the one hand, while also having a balancing and harmonising effect. Those qualities are essentially what I’m hoping to channel in my blog for myself and for others. 

What can you expect from this blog

The blog will feature my poetry, wellness tips, stories from my lived experience, social work insights, and more. This blog will definitely be an evolutionary process; just as mother nature changes over time, so will I. My goal is to post content that relates to the mind, body, or spirit in some way. You can expect a post at least every two weeks as I start this off.

Final thoughts

I’m excited for this blog and to share my work with the world. Welcome to my journey, our journey. Let’s figure out life together. 

xoxo Samie J.

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